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Following the announcement by Theresa May, Home Secretary, from April 2011 Community Safety Partnerships have the overall responsibility to conduct Domestic Violence Homicide Reviews.

This brings a range of challenges in planning and executing the reviews to the high standard expected as they have to be right first time.

For many CSP’s this means creating a completely new and resourced function.

Do you or your team have this responsibility?

We follow the advice, guidance and Home Office support in training all participants in the review process and report writing. Based on the Multi-Agency Statutory Guidance for the conduct of Domestic Homicide Reviews which was established under Section 9 (3) of the Domestic Violence, Crime and Victims Act 2004.When a domestic homicide occurs, the relevant police force should inform the relevant community safety partnership (CSP) in writing of the incident.

Our CSP Academy offers a one day course “Domestic Violence Homicide Review Training” which will fill all of the gaps you may feel are needed as well as interpreting and delivering the Home Office supplied training along with our own enhanced versions via a variety of training and educational styles.

Further details about this training can be found at

To compliment this training course Chaucer Forbes LLP can also offer a range of additional services to CSP’s

Chaucer Forbes LLP has considerable experience in this field including Home Secretary commissions to complete multi-agency, high media profile, serious case reviews. We have written final review and recommendation reports which have been accepted and implemented by the commissioners and all agencies concerned.

Chaucer Forbes can offer consultancy support required at any point of the review process. They can send leading national experts to assist from planning, implementation or running a live review.

You may have also considered as a lead agency to completely commission the reviews for transparency, independence, and cost reasons bearing in mind these will be infrequent for most CSP’s. Chaucer Forbes can offer this whole service approach.

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